The Drummond Local School Council (LSC) meets once a month at Drummond School, Room 104. These meetings are open to everyone. The Drummond LSC welcomes and encourages the participation of parents, teachers, community members and students. You can write drummondlsc@googlegroups.com to have an item placed on the agenda or to contact the LSC about any other matter of concern to you. You can also attend meetings and speak at an open forum at every regular meeting.

The LSC responsibilities include selection and evaluation of the principal, approval of the CIWP (formerly SIPAAA) and oversight of the school budget. The LSC consists of 6 parents, 2 teachers, 2 community members, 1 staff member, and the principal.

Principal: Erica Kittle

  • Megan Judy (Chair)
  • Jorge Salas (Vice Chair)
  • Curt Conklin
  • Tiffany Taylor
  • Dani Schurman (Secretary)
  • Dan Clutch
  • Anne Carlson
  • Patricia Black
  • Shahnawaz Khokhar
  • Vacant
Faculty Representative:
  • Julietta Riesco
MEETING dates for 2016-2017 

8/22/16 at 6pm
9/26/16 at 6pm
10/24/16 at 6pm
11/21/16 at 6pm
12/19/16 at 6pm
1/23/17 at 6pm
2/27/17 at 6pm
3/27/17 at 6pm
4.24/17 at 6pm
5/22/17 at 6pm
6/12/17 at 6pm


Drummond Montessori LSC's PARCC Opposition Letter 2017

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