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About Ms. Gosz:

I am happy to introduce myself as the School Counselor for Drummond Montessori Magnet School! 
I have many roles and responsibilities as a counselor, but most importantly I have the joy of working with each student throughout the school year through a variety of programs, some of which include: classroom lessons, small group counseling, individual counseling, and GoCPS High School applications. I also collaborate with school staff, faculty, administration and parents in order to best meet the needs of students.

More information regarding counseling programs:

Small Group Counseling:
A variety of small groups will be offered throughout the year to students who may benefit from spending some extra time developing academic, social, or emotional skills along with their peers, and to students who may be experiencing similar life situations. Groups can range anywhere from 2-6 members and meet for only a few weeks at a time. I try my best to meet with small groups at a time that does not take away from classroom presentations.

Individual Counseling:
Some students may benefit from short-term, one-on-one counseling regarding academic, social, or emotional challenges. If you feel your child may benefit from individual counseling, please email or call, to set up a time talk regarding the issue your child is experiencing. It is important to note that this type of counseling is not therapy, but can be very helpful for children experiencing a challenge or situation in their life. 

Classroom Guidance Lessons:

Throughout the year I will provide developmental classroom guidance lessons or social emotional lessons to different classrooms. Some of the topics we may cover include: understanding feelings of ourselves and others, peer relationships, problem-solving skills, goal-setting and decision-making, and conflict resolution.

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School Closure Resources:

Below are some helpful links from the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) to help you navigate age-appropriate conversations with your child(ren). Times like these can create a wide range of feelings in both children and adults, and it’s important to have conversations that create a calming influence and help address children’s stressors/fears. Please also, be mindful of your child’s exposure to the media regarding COVID-19 because children have a different way of processing, interpreting, and filtering the news than adults.

ASCA Resources (created in conjunction with the CDC):

Centers for Disease Control
Coronavirus Disease 2019  

Coping with Stress During an Infectious Disease Outbreak

Child Mind Institute
Talking to Kids About the Coronavirus 

Share My Lesson
Coronavirus Student Guide: Explanations and News Updates

National Education Association
Schools and Coronavirus

National Association of School Psychologists
Talking to Children About COVID-19: A Parent Resource

Additionally, if you’re looking for a few social-emotional learning (SEL) related games to play with your child(ren), please look at the following Second Step Brain Builder activities in the shared SEL Google Folder. Second Step is an SEL program that we use at Drummond and these short games will help reinforce what your child(ren) are learning at school. I’ll also be uploading more SEL and educational links to the resource folder throughout our closure. 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns you have regarding your student. During this time of school closure I’m still available via email at  

Thank you,

Carrie Gosz
School Counselor
Drummond Montessori

SEL Resources:

SEL From Ms. Gosz